Children’s Parade

La Procesión de los Niños. Every year on March 21st the town celebrates the first day of spring by organizing a huge children’s parade.
The parade is composed of all preschool children representing every theme imaginable under the sun: flowers, Disney characters, stars and planets, dinosaurs, jungle animals – you name it. We are talking about hundreds and hundreds of little kids all representing and marching with their different preschools.

Some are babies being pushed in strollers.

Some are tykes on trikes.

It’s all very festive and colorful and thousands of people line the streets to watch.

Some of the kids are so small they don’t have any idea what’s going on while others smile and wave.

The parade lasts upwards of an hour and a half and every last moment is enjoyable.
I look forward to it every year.

PS – Happy Birthday Dad. You’ve been gone almost 30 years now but I remember you and your birthday this day. You’ve missed so much that it breaks my heart to think about those things. Even the joy of this parade was somewhat tempered by the sadness I feel.
But life goes on doesn’t it?
With or without us.

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