Not Just Tacos

My friend, Clemente had me over to his house a couple of weeks ago. We had been driving around his ranch drinking his delicious homemade mezcal all afternoon and he decided to prepare a simple meal to offset some of booze.

He quickly assembled a couple of salads made from fresh vegetables.


He grilled some beef that he had previously marinated.


And he put on a pot of homemade menudo to simmer just in case we wanted to eat something later.


So as you can see my friend, Mexican’s diets are probably as diverse – if not more so – than their northern counterparts. And I can say from my own personal experience that the food found here is fresher and healthier than what can be be bought in the typical and highly unimaginative neighborhood American grocery store.

PS – The table also included 3 different kinds of diced fresh tropical fruits.

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