Phones Cases – A Look at Value

The tiny phone on the left is my original Google Nexus One (2010) which I decommissioned last year because of lack of sufficient operational memory.

The relatively giant (5.7″) phone on the right is its replacement. A wonderful Windows 10 phone that has a combination of both powerful hardware and software features.


The case on the left was made in the US (I think) by Saddleback Leather Co. and cost something like $45. I loved the case because it fit the phone like a glove and it was made out of a relatively nice leather.

I finally found a case yesterday to fit my new phone and the damn thing is not just made from some really nice leather too, it is also bulletproof, meaning it would probably protect the phone from a fall from a 5 story building.

It was handmade here in Mexico (nearby Valle de Juarez) and cost a mere 100 pesos (or $5.00 USD at today’s exchange rate).

It is not so obvious where the real value lies. $45 to semi-protect a $600 phone seemed like a reasonable value proposition at the time. But the phone under certain conditions had the habit of wanting to slip out of its case thereby possibly rendering both investments useless.

But $5 to firmly protect a phone of equal price is outstanding. But it is those double snaps combined with a slightly greater protective perimeter that makes that particular case exceedingly superior to the other.

PS – The new case also has a proviso for a belt loop.  A feature I find generally silly – like someone needs to quickdraw their phone? – but might serve to be useful at some point in the future as it could lend itself to being potentially strapped to another bag or case.

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