The Wall

I’d like to ask President Trump just why exactly he thinks the people of Mexico need to pay to build the wall?

Yes, I understand the election rhetoric, the posturing to the American voters but the reality is Mexico does not owe the US the price for a wall.

And why does President Trump have to be such an asshole to President Enrique Peña Nieto? And does creating an adversarial situation benefit anyone? Especially creating one with your neighbor?

Okay. I might understand that bullying and bluffing is a negotiating gambit in a business deal but Mexico is our neighbor.

When part of the wood fence started to come down between me and one of my neighbors, the guy was a real gentleman when he approached me about rebuilding it. He told me that half the fence needed rebuilding and he’d like it if I met him halfway on the deal but just as politely told me that he was going to rebuild it regardless.

What did I do? I met him halfway of course.

That was in California in the ’90s.

A few years later, my neighbor in North Carolina came to me and told me about a big tree that was on my property – we both owned adjacent hectares (2.5 acres) – that he figured in the next big storm could be fixing to fall on his house.

We got a tree removal company out to give me a second opinion and a appraisal and sure enough, the tree was rotten and leaning in the direction that it was could possibly hit his house should it fall.

I could have been an asshole and objected, stalled, or made him take me to court for the $900 but I didn’t. I could have said his homeowner’s insurance covered his house and so, ‘let them pay’. I could have been a dick. But I wasn’t.

I paid to have that tree removed. I didn’t argue, I didn’t try and negotiate and I certainly didn’t whine about it. I did what was right.

But let’s say I was a dick. Word gets out and soon everyone in the area hears the story. And all of a sudden your reputation takes a hit.

And you’ve also effectively terminated your good relations with your neighbor.

How stupid.

PS – We all appreciate President Trump being the anti-politician (Hillary would have been another 4 years of making America Less Great) but some of us would appreciate a little more courtesy and bit more common sense.

Mexico is our neighbor. And Mexicans are a great and deservedly proud people so we all need to get over the political rhetoric and show them a little bit more respect.

PPS – This morning a farmer stopped his tractor on a bridge and turned it off. He motioned me over to tell me – politely – just what he thought of Donald Trump. I was out in the country (his country) and had just finished up my morning run. I listened to him and I was ashamed.

That’s how I felt then and I am still ashamed now.

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