A couple of summers ago my daughter in a uncharacteristic mood of petulance informed me that, “Hope is not a strategy.” [The thought of which still makes me laugh.]

It was late afternoon, the wind was blowing ferociously cold straight off Lake Superior and we were on bicycles and it was her turn pulling an overloaded trailer.

I was almost as miserable as she but was sufficiently encouraged by the belief in universal balance that I voiced yet another sentiment of hope that there had to be bountiful hot food and warm shelter just over the horizon.

I read this morning a quote of the late prize-winning author, John Berger who bore me out when he said, “Hope is not a form of guarantee; it’s a form of energy, and very frequently that energy is strongest in circumstances that are very dark.”

I am always the eternal optimist. I can’t say why, but I always believe in any given bad situation there’s hope for change for the better.

So I found it interesting this morning given the cold forlorn biking situation we were in 2 summers ago that my then comment of hope was not just a yearning for ‘the warmth of the hearth’ but instead was the application of the power of faith towards an inclement environment.

PS – But Sarah was proved right. “Hope is not a strategy.” (And it makes me smile…)

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