Life is Short

How well we all know, right?

I received another reminder on this subject last Friday when the attorney emailed me to tell me that the local ISP/cable company was canceling my employment; meaning they were no longer going to pursue hiring me through the immigration process.

Fine. I wasn’t given a reason, but fine; just fine.

I believe it might be one of two reasons: First, the employment process stalled during the furnish legal papers by company to lawyer step. I told one of my friends a week and half ago that this step was taking far too long and that I believed one of the owners or bureaucratic paper-pushers was going fuck it all up. And a few short days later I was proved right. And if this was some short-sighted cost benefit analysis then surely the company is composed of fools.

But I think what really happened is that the company couldn’t present their papers of business to immigration w/o revealing some legal transgression on their behalf.

Either way I really don’t care. From a personal perspective it was a bad value proposition that would have cost me a couple thousand dollars up and above my usual tourist visa renewal process, all for the privilege of not having to leave Mexico for an entire year.

Life is short. If I get bounced from Mexico next year through some change in legal status then so be it. I love it here but I am pretty easy and I can love another place too.

I discovered years ago that my life hasn’t been one long unbroken line. In fact it was just the opposite; a bunch of short lines cobbled together. Meaning, I did something for a few years and then I did something else for a few years. And so on.

I was born in Michigan but came into my own in Texas. Then spent 10 years bouncing from California to mostly Asia but also to other places around the world. Retired (or so I thought) at the age of 44 and left California to build my dream house in the mountains of North Carolina.

That only lasted 5-6 years before a job offer pulled me to Washington, DC where I spent 7 splendid years living downtown and discovering one of the greatest cities in the world.

I’ve been enjoying the last 4 and a 1/2 years in Mexico but if the Mexican government changed their tourist or immigration policy I’ve come to realize that I am okay with that. I’ve written some 350,000 words here and maybe that’s enough.

I think if I continue to watch my money then I can find a great place to hole up in the US and continue my lifestyle of reading, writing, and running and still probably afford myself one or two semi-long adventures every year in various and sundry places.

I’ve come to believe changes in venue enable better writing because your world view is more dynamic. After all my writing took off while living in DC which is where I finished my first novel in 2010. And Mexico, oh my goodness. Everyday since I’ve been here I long to do two things, write and run.

I wrote a note to myself back in ’99 which said, “My life is now portable. I can go anywhere and do anything.”

PS – Every step of the way, through every change of geography, my life has always grown more meaningful. I’ve always been blind to the future (and at times it was frightening) but as I’ve just said, every new change has always [surprisingly] brought a richer and deeper prosperity.

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