Lazy and Incompetent

Is this guy the most majorly lazy incompetent poser in the entire world?


I think it’s quite possible. The guy obviously did zero preparatory work. Nor did he find it necessary to proof or edit his food travel video before unleashing it on the world.

Which explains why there are not just one, but three significant mistakes in the first 45 seconds of his 28:30 video.

I reckon the true master of food travel, Anthony Bourdain – after he finished puking his guts out laughing – would have Mike’s balls for breakfast if he ever saw such a sad pathetic follow on to his award winning travel channel act.

Smile. Shake your head in incredulity by watching the opening minute in Mike Colameco’s Real Food CUSCO/PERU.

Mistakes (in the first 45 sec.):

First. Mike – Where you are standing during the beginning of your video announcing the place as Lima – ‘the only South American city where the capital is right on the beach’ is actually not Lima. The truth be known that Lima is not on the beach and where you actually are is in another separate resident district called Miraflores, Peru. Lima is another 12-15 kilometers further inland from the beach.

Second. Cusco is not north of Lima as you say, but is actually in the opposite direction, like several hundred kilometers southeast of the capital.

Third. Peruvian food you incorrectly stated ‘was influenced by the Inca tribes’. Sorry Mike – but there were no Inca tribes. There were the Inca people, the Inca civilization, or the Inca Empire. But no Inca tribes.

Pick up a book Mike. Do a little reading. Buy a map. Study it. And the next time you travel try doing a little of each before opening that tremendously understudied mouth of yours.

PS – I don’t discriminate against people (race, color, creed, accent, nationality, sexual preference, religious identity, etc.) but I hate sloppiness. Especially sloppy work or sloppy intellectualism. If you can’t do your job or can’t properly present an idea then please get the hell out of the way for someone who can.


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