I love guts, especially pig guts. Intestines and stomachs – good – but all the better when deep fried Michoacan style in rendered pork fat.

It brings out, as Anthony Bourdain would often say, ‘All that porky goodness.’

Me? I buy pig parts from an old fat guy who sits in the front of the Mercado. The pork gut pieces he sells are all crunchy fatty crispy fried (but soft on the inside); some looking typically tubular and some looking like artichoke blooms (huh?).

Me? I cut up a few grams (30-50) and add the pieces to my pasta sauce.

The deep fried guts add an awesome excellent porky flavor to my pasta dish.

And yeah, I get a 3 or 4 fist sized pieces (and a few short tubes), which amounts to almost a week’s work of flavor, for about 20 pesos.

And how cool is that?

PS – Life is all about layering. Adding elements together. And trying new things in different ways builds experience. Like why shouldn’t you crumble deep fried port guts into a tomato based pasta sauce?

Experiment. Life is no longer linear.

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