And so it goes

If I remember correctly, the sad prevailing refrain throughout the classic Vonnegut novel, ‘Slaughterhouse Five’ – a brilliant tale of war, wanton destruction, and madness –  was, ‘And so it goes’.

And yesterday I heard the husband of my 1st and only English language conversational student was brutally murdered three months ago.

Back story. She – who was then my student – is/was an incredibly likable, humble (goes to mass everyday), lively, and personable woman. And you’d never know it from her that she was/is very rich. I had an hour session with her and her 21 yo niece every day for 3 months, something like 3 years ago.

He, her husband, I never met.

I got invited to their mansion (literally a mansion) once to see her collection of Italian sandals and shoes. (Remember, I am still a sandal guy).

Apart from the big fricking house and grounds (only 4 blocks from me) I was rather judiciously reminded by one of their huge, carnivorous and protective Rottweilers that I could instantly be converted to human hamburger in a heartbeat should he so choose. I learned that as I reached out to pet the dog in the presence of its owner and the dog twisted around and gripped my hand in its teeth in a very dominant, ‘you’re my bitch’ kind of grasp. The dog didn’t break the skin but exerted enough pressure to clearly alert me to who clearly was the real alpha-dog.

Big dogs scare me – twice shy once bitten – if you know what I mean.

Still, learning of this man’s death yesterday broke my heart. Not so much for him but for the family. The assassins shot him to death as he was driving his 5 yo granddaughter to school at 8 am.

There was so much gunfire directed at him the car was destroyed. The child was covered in blood, but left alive.

Traumatized?  I reckon.

When is this all going to end?

No one knows.

And so it goes…

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