Habanero Mango Salsa

From the last post you know I bought two liters of a woman’s homemade habanero mango salsa. At the time I didn’t get a proper taste testing except briefly licking some out the palm of my hand.

Now at home, after a true taste test, I can say it is truly freaking exceptional. The delicate apricot flavor of the habanero is there, but deliciously layered somewhere in between the mango sweetness and the awesome heat.

I made a pasta dish tonight with tomatoes, cheese, and of course the new salsa. You think adding salsa to a pasta dish is wrong? Why? I routinely load up every tomato sauce I make with hot chili peppers, so adding a salsa is no different except that it adds more flavor on top of the heat.

Now that I think about it, I add chilies to everything. All my food is spicy. The one possible exception is yogurt and granola. Chilies even go well with fruit like green mangoes with lime juice and red chili sauce.

So back to this new salsa – what flavor, how sublime! And it combined nicely with the tomatoes to form an interesting sauce: acidic, sweet, fiery hot, with  a mango apricot fruitiness. Topping the sauce with some of the crumbled local unpasteurized farmer’s cheese added a rich fatty creme vector which offset the other flavors.

Genius. At the moment, my favorite salsa.

PS – I have decided to break down and buy a blender and start my own experimentations.

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