Hot Salsa

I broke with tradition this afternoon and made my own salsa.

My rationale has been – why make salsa when there are maybe 50 different places within a 4 block radius that make and sell family recipe style salsas the likes of which I could never reproduce in a hundred years?

But I had a hankering for something pickled and something smoking hot. So while I was in the Mercado this morning I bought a couple dozen limes and half dozen orange habaneros.

I juiced the limes, cut the chilies into long strips, and mixed them with a few finely sliced pieces of white onion. And by dinner time I’ll have a nice hot pickled condiment to add to whatever else it is I’ll be making.

I love that pickled flavor. Limes not vinegar. Except in ceviche, where I prefer the Peruvian method (lemons) to the Mexican way (limes). Less acidic. Sweeter. A better option for fish and shellfish.

PS – I challenge you to not find the apricot essence of habanero chilies.

PPS – Chilies are more than they seem my friend…


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