A Friend’s Debut Novel

My friend, Bob Hazy finally got his first novel published. He spent over a year writing it and then enlisted the aid of both friends and professionals to make suggestions and do editing. I congratulate him on such a fine achievement.


Amazon carries the book and the descriptive byline is as follows:

“In a modernist approach reminiscent of James Joyce’s Ulysses, McGhee in the Gloaming chronicles the meandering life of the narrator, Fran McGhee. In travels from Alaska to New Orleans, Dublin to Istanbul, he searches for purpose and seeks to exorcise the ghosts from his past, come to terms with his missed potential, and examine the mortal condition itself.

Through a series of pivotal episodes, McGhee constructs “the meaningful day” of his life, stitching together the people and events which have defined his trajectory. Together, these moments detail personal loss, death, spiritual grappling, and an emerging understanding of himself that drives him to realize his need to be a writer. Ultimately these stories transcend specific events and locales to reveal timeless truths we all face.”

More about the writer and book can be found on Bob’s blog located here.

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