Tequila El Tequileño Gran Reserva Reposado

I am now tasting El Tequileño Gran Reserva Reposado. And I must say that I find it interesting that there is such a thing.

Typically the classification of gran reserva is held in abeyance for anejos; the oldest and the best of the best.

But from what I read on the web – the Cuervo family has saw fit to use this classification because they have selected only the finest of the agave plants to make this particular reposado (rested), aged in oak for a standard 11 1/2 months.


It is a good tequila. I think its most salient quality is its smokiness. A quality that you most typically find with certain mezcals, not tequilas. It does have a nice to moderate alcohol finish that adds some warmth to the back of the throat.  And it has no distracting qualities that diminishes its inherent tequila(ness).

So, would I buy it again? Probably, although there are many more tequilas that I want to try while I am fortunate enough to live down here in Mexico.

Note: This tequila is a great value; 235 pesos or about $12 USD for a 38%, 750 ml bottle.




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