El Tequileno Blanco

This is another one of those old school tequilas that are quite popular with value-hunting Mexican aficionados. I’ve been told you can’t buy this tequila outside of Mexico. That this tequila is Senior Cuervo’s own private brand. Is this true? I don’t know.



It is certainly inexpensive. A one liter bottle (38% alcohol) costs just 180 pesos – a measly $9 USD at today’s exchange rate.

Unfortunately in all honesty, I don’t like this tequila. It is too soft and moreover it leaves a slight back taste on the throat; neither pleasant nor unpleasant but a slight back taste nonetheless.

This tequila reminds me of another tequila that I don’t like because of its ladylike softness and that’s the more famous (and more expensive) Don Julio Blanco. That tequila has a more sophisticated flavor (aka no back taste) but it is also so damn soft it’s almost like you’re not drinking alcohol.

So obviously yes, I am not like some sorority girl who drinks to get drunk but doesn’t like the taste and masks her booze with silly flavors to avoid the unpleasant tastes. Apple martinis anyone?

No. I drink because I like the taste of alcohol. I like to be reminded that I am having a drink. I need to feel a bit of heat as whatever it is I am drinking hits the back of my throat and leaves some warmth in passing. After a double, I like to feel the heat in my belly and the warm flush to my cheeks.

I also like dark, rich cigars. Bloody porterhouse steaks. Whiskey. Offal. And any other food or beverage, that when you put it in your mouth, tastes of what it is.





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