Windows vs. Android

Yes, I realize that the world of technology moves very fast these days but that doesn’t justify  that a 3 year old platform should abruptly EOL.

I am speaking of my Google Nexus 7 tablet which was state of the art in 2013 when I bought the damn thing but only to learn today that it won’t receive the latest Android 7.0 – cutely called ‘Nougat’ – upgrade. So it is effectively stuck at 6.01 (stupidly named ‘Marshmallow’).

I am beginning to hate everything Google: right up to and including their insipid naming conventions.

So back on point – after poking around on the various Android/Google support forums I learned today that there are ‘no guaranteed Android updates for the Nexus 7 after July 2015; effectively giving the device a 2.5 year zone of operational support.

That’s totally unacceptable.

Contrast that with the Windows 7 workstation I built in 2010. Microsoft is still supporting the OS today even though it recently rolled out Windows 10. In fact extended support for Windows 7 will last all the way until January 14, 2020.

That’s 10 plus years and is a support model I can live with.

And you want to talk about support/backward compatibility? Windows 10 is now running on my ancient, underpowered (1st generation Atom processor) 10″ netbook which when I purchased it was running XP.

Why the hell can’t Google do the same thing? They can but they won’t, so screw ’em.

So I guess my decision to replace my six year old* Google Nexus One (Android) phone with a Windows 10 phone this past January might not have been such a bad idea after all.

PS – I’ve grown to hate today’s consumer electronic products. I do like some of the underlying technology but at the same time I bitterly resent the imposed upgrade cycles.

*Yes, I adopt technology as it matures and as it reaches the right price-point. And I fastidiously do my homework; it’s just common sense after all. There was afterall never a compelling reason to replace my Nexus One (the original) until another phone showed up which had the features of the Lumia 950 XL.


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