Pueblo Emiliano Zapata

I was in the small village of Emiliano Zapata this afternoon for lunch. Only about a 30 minute bus ride southeast of where I live, but worlds away inasmuch as it might be the quietest puebla in all of Michoacan.

Looking NW from the almost deserted plaza

I live on the other side of that distant mountain. In fact if you stand on my roof you can see across the valley  to the other side of that same mountain as you look to the southeast.

Why is it flowers lend such majestic dignity to poverty?

There is a quiet charm to Mexico that speaks to a place so deep within me that it can only be from a childhood I can only dimly imagine.

One person on an otherwise empty street

The town was immaculately clean and so quiet you could actually hear yourself think.

A crooked photo of the lovely wooden portal to the solitary church

I didn’t think to bring my camera so I had to make do with taking a few photos with my phone.

The clean spartan interior of the church

The church had beautiful wooden pews. And with the exception of two women talking at the entrance, the entire place was vacant.

And interesting note: The town of Emiliano Zapata shows up on my Windows 10 phone map but is absent on Google Maps. And the town of Totolan shows up on Google Maps but is absent on my phone map of Mexico. So FYI – Emiliano Zapata sits midway between Totolan and Villamar on Hwy 15.

Another interesting note: Totolan is the only closest town to where I live that still maintains its original ancient indigenous name.

PS – I met a bunch of working guys at the bus stop who invited me this Sunday to their place in the country (deep, deep country) to drink some fresh goats milk sweetened with chocolate and laced with cane alcohol. I can’t turn that down. There is so much history there, both in the nature of the beverage (chocolate originated in Mexico) and in the location (tiny little Puebla Viejo).

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