Today of all days I wouldn’t change places with any other man in the world.

To feel so completely alive as I do this day, at peace, with such joy to be living my life of genteel poverty among these happy, smiling Mexican people.

I just returned from the Mercado where I bought some tomatoes, cilantro, squash blossoms, blue corn tortillas and farmers cheese so fresh it was probably just made yesterday.

All simple things that cost only a few pesos each.

The old woman selling the blue corn tortillas fetched them out of a cheap plastic pail that was lined with an old towel. She wrapped up half a dozen for me in a piece of paper. I am guessing she made a few dozen every morning before taking the combi into town to sell them on the corner across the street from the Mercado.

I am also guessing she was in her eighties. Thin, but vital. Grey hair tied into a bun with skin like wrinkled old tobacco. Bright shinning eyes that were filled with life of living in the moment.

As for me, I am almost 61. And I am thankful to be healthy and alive. To be blessed with having just enough (but not too much).

I have often time told my daughter that the only thing better than being happy is knowing that you are happy.

Just recently I have decided on a new mantra: honor, faith, and courage. It has taken me the entirety of my life to learn the value of these simple truths. And to me, to hold all three is to embrace the very essence of my existence.

I have concluded that without honor, a man has nothing. And without faith it is impossible to find courage.

And last, I consider myself truly blessed to have been granted such a prolonged amount of time for self discovery, free from the impediments of desire for things I no longer need.


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