The Sweet Spot

I live in the center of a city where the center still means just that- the center. As in the center of everything useful; the center were everything you need can be found within a four block radius.

The mighty Mercado is just two blocks away. It’s so old school it fills an entire city block and within its walls everything from cut flowers to a delicious array of fresh fruits and meats and every vegetable imaginable can be found.

Trucks arrive to the Mercado all day long bringing shipments from neighboring states that coast the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. So the array is truly vast.

There’s a single building within filled with a dozen or more butchers preparing cuts to order. Want a pig’s head? Or a dozen? Done. All that in addition to small fondas set up next door serving everything from hot meals to fresh squeezed juice.

The city center also boasts at least four bakeries, four or five hardware stores, maybe a dozen tortilla shops, a leather warehouse, a couple of paint stores, two or three pet stores, three or four barbershops, a dozen icecream places, numerous hair salons, half a dozen coffee shops, at least a couple of dozen restaurants, a shoe repair shop, half a dozen places who make or repair clothes, an uncountable number of shoe stores, at least two dozen clothing stores, a bunch of places to buy the locally made straw hats, at least a dozen places to buy beer and tequila, a half dozen cantinas, four cathedrals, and a beautiful central plaza filled with bright eyed laughing children.

I don’t have to drive anywhere because I am surrounded by everything that I need.

And I am truly thankful for that.


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