A Comment to the NYTimes

Here is a comment I made to a recent and mostly revolting NYTimes article entitled ‘Why Transcending Race is a Lie’:

I beg your pardon.

You say, “…both groups of people could occupy the same spaces yet have completely different experiences: a white America and a black America. This was true in 1619, in 1865 and in 1947, when Simpson was born; it holds true today.”

And “it holds true today?” Says who? You?

I lived in downtown Washington, DC for 7 years (2005 – 2012) and my experience of white on black racism was that it was just a myth perpetuated by only those that had a politically vested interest in keeping the two apart.

Namely people like Al Sharpton and other political agitators who earn their living from playing the whole race card issue.

It has been my experience that everyday people of all nationalities, race and religions just want to live their lives in peace with their neighbors and could do without the baiting and the hating.

The article and comments can be found by clicking here.

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