An Overlooked Rock Classic

My go to rock and roll album at the moment is Free’s 1970’s classic ‘Fire and Water’.

It seems to lack the hubris of other contemporary acts and presents true classic rock and roll in such away as the music form was originally birthed.

Preamble aside – I love it. After something like 45 years it still sounds fresh and original.

PS – Most of ’70s music was a louder, thicker-layered version of the late ’60s; with possible exception of The Doors or Led Zeppelin – there wasn’t much new progress made in rock.

PPS – I love the classic bands : The Stones. The Beatles. The Who. Led Zep. Bowie, Blind Faith, CSNY, MC5, Blue Cheer, Moby Grape, Frank Zappa, Mott the Hoople, Spirit, and Ten Years After.

PPPS – And I love some of the newer incarnations of rock: The Ramones, The Go-Gos, Black Flag, The Eagles, Steely Dan, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Joy Division, New Order, New York Dolls, Pavement, Pearl Jam, and YES,

PPPPS – Ironically – the list – is not so current as I mostly listen to classical and jazz music these days…



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