Are you asking the right question?

I replied to an EETimes article just now – [I said] You say, “I think the world wants to know if it’s [Intel] planning to design a new SoC from the ground up, tailored specifically for computer vision algorithms, instead of reusing an ill-defined X86 CPU for the job.”

But [ I asked] is that really the right question?

[And went on to ask] Couldn’t one look at the other end of the spectrum and ask about the nature of the computer vision algorithms and if they are being written in such a way to take maximum advantage of a given computer architecture?

(Read the whole article right here)

PS – Two postscript comments: One, I like to keep up with the every changing information system landscape for different reasons and I find the technology interesting. Second, I have been convinced for many years the reason why so many of our discoveries seem so traumatically wrested from the soil is that we rarely – at least in the corporate world – start the discovery/problem resolution process by asking the right questions.



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