Book II

I am finally making some progress on the follow up to my first novel; the working title is merely ‘Book II’. It is the second book in my planned South American trilogy so it contains all of the usual villains, miscreants, and heroes.

My daughter a few weeks ago gave me the advice to add a significant romance component to the Book II story. And that’s what I did. So it has been absolutely amazing the amount of steam my once faltering story has acquired.

In the past week I’ve been majorly inspired to write and have succeeded in adding 1000 words per day. The book now sits at 72,000 words and the first draft might finish out at 80,000.

At 350 words per page that’s something like 230 pages which is a bit fatter than my first novel which settled in at 66,000 words.

I follow the slim novel model: The Great Gatsby (180 pages), Casino Royale (213 pages), and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (150 pages).

It’s good to be writing again. I was stalled out for way too long. And I found my way back to my friends as I am writing about characters that I care about.

And this story is going to have a happy ending. Because as miserable as so much of the news is today I need to create some happiness.

PS – It has been quite rewarding to have built quite possibly the most gorgeous babe in the universe. Tall Nordic anyone?

And she’s way cool in demeanor but way hot physically.

Ahh, writing. You can do anything that you can push your pen towards…



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